I can’t quite believe we’ve made it this far. As I type I’m 12 weeks a 5 days pregnant. The tiredness has lifted a bit and I’m expanding rapidly.

We had another scare just before we hit the 11 week mark, exactly the same thing happened all over again at 5am one Saturday morning. Despite being scared, we tried to stay as calm as we could and called the emergency clinic at The Rosie at 8.30am. They asked me to come in as soon as possible so they could carry out a scan. Lee had a wedding to get too so I ended up going alone.

I’m really grateful of the care I received and so happy to say that everything was ok. The only upsetting thing is no-one can really tell us what it is or why it’s happened twice. We don’t think we can fully relax as we don’t know if it might happen again.

I thought I’d be a lot more nervous hitting week 11. It did bring back a lot of sad memories but we both just tried to focus on the positives. We’d already seen the baby and seen a heartbeat a few times by now.

The morning of the 30th we both felt a bit nervous. It’s such a big milestone to get to and we were desperate for everything to be perfect. And it was.

So now we wait for 20 weeks, and to find out whether it’s a boy or a girl.