I would love to tell you that as I turn 15 weeks we’ve been able to relax a bit, but that’s not been the case! This pregnancy doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of being an easy ride.

Last Saturday afternoon I had a had another bleed, exactly the same as the last two. Nothing unusual had happened that morning, I’d spent it drinking tea with neighbours and friends that had popped in to meet Doris. Lee like most Saturdays was at a wedding, so when this happened I was on my own. I called the emergency clinic which had just closed being after 2pm, but eventually got to speak to a midwife on the delivery ward how advised me to come straight in. I need to say a huge thank my mother and father in law for dropping everything to get me to the hospital.

I was examined and kept in for monitoring overnight. It being the delivery ward things were pretty crazy up there, but we were lucky to be able to get an emergency scan the next day. Once again, everything was ok, baby wriggling around quite happily which is amazing.

I am seeing a private specialist next week. No-one can explain why this keeps happening and the trauma it brings each time is horrendous. We’re so happy the baby is ok, but we need to understand if this is “normal” and is going to keep happening every 3 weeks, or if there’s something wrong that can be rectified.