I feel bad for not writing for so long, but truth be told I’m totally exhausted. It’s taking all my energy to get up, get the dogs sorted, get to work and then get home, only to fall asleep on the sofa! ┬áLee is being incredible and pretty much not letting me do anything, which is lovely but putting a lot of pressure on him. All good practice for what’s coming next though.

Our 7 week scan went well and all is just perfect. We have another scan at 10 weeks then we’ll be back in the hands of the NHS care for the 12 week scan and rest of the pregnancy.

It doesn’t feel weird talking about being pregnant this early anymore, I’m quite comfortable telling people especially when I’ve had to avoid lifting anything! I have noticed a few people look a bit shocked when I say how many weeks I am though. Maybe its because I’ve been blogging about it, but I forget not everyone I meet knows that.

Doris the tiny terror is settling in well. We still have early mornings but toilet training is getting much easier now she can go out for walks, and I found the most amazing doggie day care centre just 5 minutes from the house! If you live in Cambridge and need dog care or dog training, check out Norman’s Dog Day Care in Over. The people are so kind and caring and Doris loves it!