The transfer went well. There’s two tiny 5 day old embryos tucked up in the warm. No lie, they look a bit like Cadbury mini eggs.

The clinic called on Sunday, Mothers Day to let us know that three of the four remaining embryos were being re-frozen. The last one didn’t make any progress after it was defrosted.

We’re really happy and it made what is a tough day, a little bit brighter this year.

This is day three of five days off work resting. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I spent laying flat as much as possible, apparently it helps the embryos embed and I’m not taking any chances.

Lee has been amazing. He’s cooked, cleaned, walked Fat Head and kept the tea flowing. He’s also been a tiny bit bossy about my laptop hence no updates, but I’ll let him off.

Mum & Dad came on Sunday and brought with them chocolate cake, chocolate hobnobs (the true king of biscuits) and four easter eggs. Beaut neighbour Lucy visited that morning with flowers and fake fizz. My Julie brought cakes and more flowers Tuesday and Ellie, well Ellie left the sausage roll at home so you know, she’s got some making up to do next week! 

My gut will never be the same.

I’m a tiny bit bored but, hoorah for Deepa keeping me updated on the world, mobile purchasing and Netflix! No chill though (and that had to be explained to me because old). I’ve binge watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and Stranger Things – how good was that?!

I’ve bought a beautiful vintage dress – what do you think?

It’s got a stretchy waistband. Luckily.

Every night I’ve continued to listen to the Zita West visualisations. They really help me relax and sleep and that can only be a good thing.

A morning of crochet awaits me tomorrow before another lovely friend visit. I could get used to this.