2016 drained me of my confidence.

I went from someone who’s not afraid to stand up and speak to a room full of people, to someone who struggled to leave the studio for a networking meeting. As the main salesperson or face” of the agency, this was always going to cause problems.

I’m lucky to have a great business partner and team, so despite these setbacks, the business still did well last year. But it didn’t flourish and it didn’t grow.

I accept that I took the time I needed to heal and that was the right thing to do but, by 2017 I was ready to start making an impact again.

A good friend had been asked to join a Mastermind group and suggested I become part of it to.

A Mastermind is a small group of highly motivated people (around 6), all who are looking to support, encourage and help each other improve. The group offers each other suggestions and support for both business and personal issues, anything you are willing to share, everything is in confidence.

Andy Lopata explains this in great detail here.

Last Thursday I took part in the first Mastermind session of the year.

I came away from the meeting with great suggestions of how to improve a business issue I’ve had, and a clear plan of action for the book I’m going to write. I met 2 new contacts who are both incredibly inspiring and, I was able to share my expertise and offer them advice in return.

More importantly, I came away believing in myself again, and that feels really good.