The snow chaos (despite the distinct lack of snow), caused a huge jam on the A14 this morning, that I sat in for 45 mins, missing a train in the process. I left home at 8.15 and finally got to the clinic art 11am, only 30mins late.

Results today are not what we were expecting.


The one larger follicle has shrunk a bit, and now I wonder if it was measured properly as its now 2mm smaller. But, that is a good thing because, it means my trigger will now be Saturday night like I wanted, hoorah! That means some of the smaller follicles around 11/14mm still have another good day of growing.

I am really hopeful of getting more eggs this time and I’m going to call 6 as the magic number.

Rest of the day went well, I made it back to Cambridge for a really good sales meeting, and we headed into town early for burger night.

Oh my god the burgers were good! Definitely a highlight of the week.