I woke in the night about 3am needing the bathroom. I’ve not slept since.

These are some of the things my mind decided I needed to think about right at that specific moment in time:

Sausage dogs. When we get ours, should I get a double lead so it’s easier to walk the small one and Fat Head at the same time? We really need to fill in the gaps under the fence in the back garden so the sausage can’t escape to next door. Wouldn’t it be nice if the dogs cuddle up together  to sleep. Must write a list of the things we need to buy – tiny bowl, new lead, tiny bed, rug for living room. Am I going to buy it tiny clothes?

Sex robots. I read an article on it yesterday. Is anyone else thinking that we should be looking for the terminators hand from Skynet right now?

IVF debate. I constructed a 4 page response (in my head) to a question posed on the House of Commons IVF debate. Struggling to pull it all together this morning.

Am I going to look like an alien when my fake eyelashes fall out? Maybe I should buy some new mascara.

But mainly I thought about what the clinic is going to say when they call this morning, and how many of our little eggs have made it.

Oh and on top of all that, Lee threw every noise he makes at me. He snored, made the weird throat click thing, talked and even threw in a little laughing action.

Of course I’m going to buy the sausage tiny clothes.

The clinic didn’t call till 11.07am. Precisely.

I was starting to worry that it was bad news and the embryologists were all sitting there going “you call her”, “no you do it”.

Good news.

One little egg wasn’t good enough but, 5 out of 5 have fertilised! 5 out of 5! That’s bloody incredible!!! We’re over the moon right now. They have to get to Wednesday and then they’ll go in the freezer to join our other little one. Fingers crossed we’ll then have 6 tiny embryos.

Keep everything crossed for the next update on Wednesday. x