Today marks 11 days of clinic visits on the trot. I should ask them if this is a record, then I’d feel like I’d actually achieved something this week.

There’s been better news. Although I’m now 5 days late for a usual ovulation, the follicle is growing. From Monday to Wednesday it didn’t grow, which is why they were considering cancelling the cycle.

One tiny millimeter saved the cycle for us on Thursday morning.

At every stage of this process, you never really get all the information you need. There always comes a day where you’re thrown into total melt down by the omission of some small piece of information, which for you is huge, for the clinic, not so much. For an already slightly fragile mind, it causes unnecessary worry and stress, ironically something you’re supposed to avoid.

Today’s clinic visit (a 2.5 hour round trip) lasted 5 minutes. A quick scan, the news that the follicle was 2 mm bigger than yesterday and the booking of another appointment for tomorrow.

We’ve been questioning whether we made the right decision choosing the London based clinic over a more local one. It’s the tiredness talking for sure, we had no idea that I’d need daily scans for this stage (we were told every other day) and no-one could predict my body would react the way it has.

So why didn’t we choose Bourne Hall Clinic local to us in Cambridge? It all came down to the stats. We were refused NHS funding so we’re self funding our IVF treatment. Our decision was based on where we hoped we could get the result we wanted, with the limited funds we have. CRGH had the best success rates for my age bracket.

My work diary has again been thrown into chaos.  I’d gone through my handover doc with my business partner on Friday as I assumed I’d be off from Tuesday this week, now it looks like Thursday, although I won’t really know till tomorrow after the scan. My diary was carefully arranged, now I’ll need to move meetings that I assumed I’d be back at work for. I hope everyone understands.