Been to accupuncture. Not much to report but look, I’ve got pins in my ears!


They stay in for a few days and help to keep you calm.

Today I worked from home, which is nice as I didn’t have to get up so early and it made getting to acupuncture much easier. Remember, less stress, happier me, happier place for babies to grow. Or something like that.

I don’t really like working from home (apart from the lie in). I get distracted, I forget to get dressed and then I eat too much. And considering I can’t exercise at all during the injections, that is bad news for my skinny jeans.

I prefer going to the studio or working from Cambridge Business Lounge, leaving the house puts me in work mode.

I was mentioned in The Telegraph on this very subject last year.

I’ve had some truly incredible messages over the last few days, they’ve all been so supportive and totally heartwarming. Thank you all, it means so much to us both.

Clinic again tomorrow.