“Isn’t it about time you started popping them out?”

“You want to get a move on girl, you’re not getting any younger”

“I suppose your career is more important to you?”

I’ve heard all the above (and more), a million times. People have been making assumptions about me for years, mostly wrong, and everyone has an opinion on your current childless status.

Lee and I met when I was 34. You have no idea what life is going to throw at you. No idea when you’ll meet that person that changes your life for the better, or when you’ll want or be in a position to have children. Four years ago I was 35. I wasn’t leaving it too late, we were ready to be parents.

Fast forward 4 years. Today I’ve been at the clinic again and more injections tonight. Not the greatest way to spend your birthday but if it gets us the present we want, then I’m happy.

Todays results below:


So we’re up to 15 follicles, probably about 9 that could possibly get big enough. The ones below 7 won’t grow any quicker so they’ll be discounted. Its still not a great result today compared to other goes, only 3 at around the right size. The clinic called me this afternoon and have asked me to go back in tomorrow for another scan & bloods. This happens all the time, you have to re-arrange things at the drop of a hat. 

I think they are going to ask me to take my trigger injection on Friday night, rather than on Saturday as was the original plan, meaning they’ll collect eggs Sunday not Monday. I’m not happy about that and I’m going to speak to my consultant tomorrow.

Thing is, I don’t make that many eggs so I think triggering on Saturday could give some of the smaller follicles a bit more time to grow, and maybe, just maybe, we’d get a few more eggs. You might think I’m being a bit shirty about it, but at the end of the day this is my body and our money. I feel like this is our last shot to make this happen, and I’m not going to waste the chance of getting a few more eggs.

Anyway, I will fill you all in tomorrow night, after we’ve eaten our body weight in burgers.

I’ve had some amazing birthday messages today, some that have made me laugh out loud and cry all at the same time. A gorgeous friend sent me a bag of lucky chocolate eggs for the “shit hen”! I nearly wet myself laughing.

Days like this remind you how lucky you are.