The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind. I think we’ve both suffering from sleep deprivation.

We picked up Doris last Friday and we’ve been knackered ever since. She is a cute, funny, crazy little thing. It’s so weird having such a tiny dog running around. We have to watch where we step all the time in case we squash her!

The first night wasn’t too bad, she slept in her crate from 11.30-5.30am, actually a lot better than I thought. But Saturday was a whole other story. She cried, barked and whimpered in her crate for 6 hours solid. It was the saddest noise we’ve ever heard, so heartbreaking.

Sunday was due to be our test day, but we couldn’t wait any longer to find out so tested Saturday morning. We also wanted a little bit of time for only us to know if it was good news.

And it was. I’m pregnant.

I can’t describe how happy we are, although I think the news was slightly overwhelming due to the lack of sleep. There were a lot of tears.

I’ve been in to the clinic for a blood test to confirm and our first scan is in a couple of weeks.

There’s such a long, long way to go but we’re staying positive and taking each day as it comes. I want this to be a happy time but I’ll admit I feel very nervous and I don’t think that will ease until we make it to at least 12 weeks. There won’t be any scan photos on Facebook or big announcements, we’re all too aware of how tough that is on others that are in the same position.

It does feel a bit weird telling people this early, but that was always going to be the biggest dilemma of writing this blog.

I want to thank everyone that’s taken time to read or comment on our story, it’s been truly heartwarming to receive such lovely words and we’re so grateful.

Whatever comes next, I’ll carry on writing.