It’s been a week of really good news for friends and I’m over the moon.

One friend is finally on the way to the help she needs for endometriosis, and another is being referred for IVF after an incredible year of guts and determination. I’m so proud of both of them for the women they are, and so grateful for their friendship.

Is it just me or does 2017 feel better? Or maybe I’m better.

I’m definitely better.

Whatever it is, there’s hope now, and a lot of it. Despite Trump.

So quick update for you. We have 6 embryos in the freezer and our consultant has said they are all of a really good quality. Last Tuesday I went in for the scratch (you’ll have to Google that, I still can’t bring myself to describe it, and yes it really bloody hurt) and now we’re just waiting for nature to take its course this month – should be Friday 24th.

The scratch was completely new to me as we didn’t have this on the first failed round. It’s generally used for people who’ve experienced unsuccessful IVF cycles, despite good quality embryos having been transferred. The process triggers a repair reaction, making the lining of the womb more receptive to the embryo implantation, which in theory should increase the chance of pregnancy.

I plan to get as much work completed this week as is humanly possible and I have 2 networking events to attend which I’m really looking forward to. I’ve been able to roughly work out when I’ll be off work on the two week wait and keep my diary clear. After the 24th, my diary becomes a daily planning exercise again!

I’ll need to go in for a baseline scan between day 1 & 3 of the cycle, and then again on day 9. After that it could be every other day or daily scans until they are ready to transfer the embryos.

It would be incredible if all 6 embryos make it past defrosting and then another 2 days of growing, getting them to day 5 blastocyst embryos. The likelihood of that is slim as around 10/12% will die after being defrosted.

If that’s not possible, then the result we’re looking for is 4 to make it to day 5. Our consultant has already advised us they will transfer 2 again this time, and then we can re-freeze the remaining 2.

Embryos, much to our surprise, are not like chicken from the freezer.

I’m excited to start, but I am so busy this week that the time is going to fly by!