Video killed the radio star

Except it didn’t. I’ve got that song on vinyl somewhere in my mums loft.

Yesterday I was invited to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire by Chris Mann to talk about this blog and our IVF journey. If you want to listen you can hear me from about 17 minutes in.

It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to talk about. There were moments when I could feel my voice crack a little, but Chris made me feel at ease and asked questions that I could answer comfortably.

There are thousands of people out there going through this and other much worse fertility problems. We’re not special in any way, and I’m not the first person to write a blog about it, but if this helps just one other person, then it was all worth doing.

From all the messages I’ve received today, I know it has helped a lot, and that is truly heartwarming.

I was lucky to share the studio with two incredible women, Nicki Evans and Jade Godier from Made2Aid. They’re organisers of Rise 4 Disability, a disability conference and exhibition designed to help Research and Identify Suitable Equipment. It’s for both health professionals and the general public. You can research new and existing products, network with colleagues and peers and find supporting services and charities.

It’s free to attend on 22nd February at Peterborough Arena. Please share this with anyone you know that would benefit from attending.

Today we headed back to the clinic to find out what the plan is for transferring the embryos. We know that wont be till around the beginning of March but, we had a lot of questions about the defrosting process!

We learned today that all 6 embryos are good to excellent quality (Lets just stop to give the follicles a round of applause shall we, well done team follicles, well done)

So, what they plan to do is defrost all 6 embryos. There’s a 10/12% chance of embryos not making it past defrosting, so all being good and with a bit of luck, we’d be hoping that 4 of those embryos make the defrosting and then grow on another two days to make them day 5 Blastocyst.

They’ll transfer 2 ready for me to cook, and the other 2 will be re-frozen.

At that point Lee and I both said “Oh, not like chicken then!” which is exactly what we’d been thinking! I was worried that if they defrosted them all, they all made it and then they only transferred 2, we’d then have to throw the others away! I was much happier about the re-freezing.

So for now, we can have a couple of weeks off of IVF and enjoy our holiday and just live. Which is nice.

In about 16 days I’ll need to go back to the clinic for an Endometrial Biopsy. This procedure involves removing some cells from the uterine lining. The healing process from this mild trauma improves implantation potential in the following month. It has to be carried out on a full bladder and sounds delightful. I didn’t have this on our first round so, I’m excited that this could be another factor in making 2017 our year.

I’ll 100% be updating with some smug holiday posts next week. Iceland here we come!